Who is that cute guy? Muka budak nakal

This entry supposed on the 1st dec
But been busy with family commitment
plan to upload on the next day
than busy with work commitment.... huhu another excuse
Today by hook or crook i MUST upload this entry ngeee

ok this entry i wanna talk about a cute guy..huhu actually a call this face as "budak nakal" or "naughty boy"
it starts last Sunday, on the 23rd November
a friend of mine come down from Ipoh, and wanna meet.
we agreed to met at Subang Parade at 3pm
i finish my SPA ... owh that was great! Around 12.30 so decided to go straight to meeting place, my tummy is craving for food.
12.00 to 3.00 budget lunch ..huhu Mc Donalds in my mind!

why so many people at Subang Parade? owh they had dance competition cool ... so i will not boring waiting for 2 hours.
why is this so related to the "budak nakal face"?
wait.... be patient

so while having lunch i'm enjoying the dance competition #D2M #dare2move
cool ... some of them really good
they're 4 judges... actually i am attract to the 3rd judge, he speak fluent English, looks like Malays.. i can see his serious funny, kind a "budak nakal" look.... haha my brain said ...  cool Malay guy one of judges :) ....ooops after a while he speak Chinese...fluent!... o o ... he is Chinese?? he don't look Chinese, especially his skin color (Sorry if you read my blog). Hurm ok ... maybe he is those Chinese who had tan skin color.... Later he speak Malay... fluent Malay! sounds like Malays! .... grrr now i was wondering he is Chinese? or Malay?
as you know guys i don’t like to be grey ..it either BLACK or WHITE
owh gosh!! i wish i know his name so that i can google ngeee
hurmm why again this is important? haha am sure you wondering why am talk nonsense.....

ok back to date, 1st December
after class, i'm planning to find knitting shop in Subang Parade
so i went there, what a coincidence ... it was the final day for the last week competition.
After get info from that shop, i grab a seat at McD ... huhu budget lunch again
initial plan just to enjoy and find out who succeed to the final stage
unfortunately they start bit late, and they start with the solo dance battle...
to be honest ..... Impressed with their talent especially the last 2 ... Dylan and Shake... i didn't know who is the winner... both of them are good, Shake seems like mre experience and more stamina... i didn't wait longer, I've to go back. coz relative is coming

ok ok ... what is this all about .... Actually today i get chance to find out who is this "budak nakal" haha ....  i didn't get his name i just hear "zainal"...and "8tv"... haha he his malay... bangga siut...(peraknya minah ni)... anyway suite my name,
with the remaining balance 10% of my iphone batt. i start google zainal 8tv ....click image.... ha it looks like him.... owh his name #baki zainal and he actually one of the famous 8tc celebrity!
gosh .. i didn't know that ... sorry about my ignorance.
So those who are same kapal like me ... you can check him out #bakizainal or his full name Zahamin Baki Zainal.


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