1st December

I failed to upload entry yesterday
What ashamed fail on the very 1st day 
So this is the story for yesterday.............

1st December
i woke up early, 7.15am I’m ready 
Dad already cooked breakfast; as usual it’ll feel guilty if i didn't eat
So I took small plate and had my breakfast, mom asked what time is your class, i said 8.30am...actually am not sure 8 or 8.30.. huhu what type of student am i

get into the car, start my journey
i still wondering 8 or 8.30?
hurm the clock 7:35 now...
if i stop over to get my offer letter from office, I’ll definitely late especially if the class start at 8..damn! Late on the first day? no no no..... 
if i go straight to UM, speed a bit i will be there sharp at 8, but  i don't know where is the class...argh never mind i can ask around
so i decided to go on.

ask few people mingle around the lobby, yeah i found the class ROOM 23 (yeah my fav num).. haha class start at 8.30am... make few new friend
new spirit for 1st day :) , it was a great experienced even though Ustaz came in late, he had other arrangement to settled ...apologize accepted ...chewah cam bagus
my class supposed from 8.30 to 1 but today from 9.00 till 12.30 for the 3 hours (minus 30mins break) we only study 4 letters? haha but it was amazing .... thanks to Allah give me this chance Alhamdullillah 
can't wait for the second class next week 


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