salam maal hijrah 1435H

Alhamdulillah ...
thanks for the blessings of Allah
after all things happen, bad,good,sad,happy, hard time, now we are at the end of the year...
It is Muharram again, syukur we still have chance to improve ourself, become a good muslim
Awal Muharam , 1st Muharram... it is new year for muslim calendar, but it is not only a beginning of the new year, it was more meaningful than "New Year" is Hijrah

means we move from the bad to good,
move forward for a better life,
crawl out from the darkness to the Nur of Allah
fight the badness in ourself to become a better person
and if we are good , we wanna be better or the best

Hijra 1435H ...
will be so meaningful for me and my family
Insyaallah more blessings, prosperity  and goodness

As muslims we will .....
recite "end year Doa" at the end period of Asr  and .....
reading "beginning year Doa" after maghrib, night before the 1st Muharam,
which is today (4th November 2013)

so here i would like to share with all muslims the Doa,
which i download from &


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