30th Nov

Hi there 
i love writing unfortunately i have limited time
not to say i'm an important person or big name
most of my time is at work or at home
at work i will busy with my routine from at least 10am to 8pm , sometimes more
at home , once i reached home, after had my dinner it's either i watch tv with my family or i will straight to my room
and what i do in my room? 
either continue working, with all unfinished document
or watching tv/movie streaming from internet....thanks God for who ever create the internet
or surfing / chatting /game from my smartphone while  laying down / relaxing  coz most of the time i will be standing at work
or sleep........................zzzzz
recently i add on my activities....
either i will go to the gym if not so tired or when i feel i am DAMN fat!
or i enjoy doing hand craft
and starting 1st December 2013
i am planning to 
less the chatting and gaming activity
maintain others 
keep-up the gym routine & hand craft
and add on writing / blogging activity 
wish me luck

My current project -  flower puffed crochet - scarf


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