hi guys
actually at one time i did took photo every step how to cook "Roti Lapis Berdaging"
But unfortunately, i can't find it huhu
i promise if i find it i will upload later...

anyway thanks to facebook, i'm able to extract few photo.....

photo on the right,
show you the 6th step/layer,
where you place your slices cheese on the top of filling.

as you can see how the bread been arranged (1st and 4th layer/step)
and also the filling (2nd & 5th layer/step)

in this photo i use 1  or 1 1/2 pack of minced meat so you can see lots of empty space
i normally use 6-7pcs of slice cheese, where 4 pcs i place as you can see in the photo, and the rest i will divide into 2 or 3 to fill up the empty space between the cheese

before you baked in oven
tadaaaaa..................after baked in oven
how it looks --- layer by layer



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