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Alright this is my version of baking the Roti Daging...
to be honest every time i cook i alter a bit... 
to counter the lack on the previous attempt.

The way i baked Roti Daging, is same as in the original recipe. To read orginal recipe click here
The different is how i prepare the filling, 
which the ingredients are slightly different.

Actually what you add and mix will give impact to the taste of your Roti Daging.
And it depends on you as the chef :) , 
either you want it more meat? spicy? or cheezy?.. 
so no worries as long as you understand the basic of preparing it.

So if you doubt to follow my recipe,
use the original recipe for your first attempt... 
then later you can try mine or alter it :) 

Ok to see the difference between mine and the original, anything written in blue is from the original recipe

Ingredient for filling:
300gm daging cincang @ 4 kpg daging burger (dihancurkan)
I normally use minced beef, Ramly Brand, 
it comes in 200gram per pack
I prefer to use 2 pack (400gram) ...
more meat ...more tasty.. haha
For those who don't meat or can't eat meat, 
no worries you can use chicken
Ramly Brand also comes with minced chicken
I try once with chicken ...lovely 
i think in future i will only go for chicken :)

[2 ulas bwg putih + 1 biji bwg besar]  2 cloves of garlic + 1 large onion

since my dad is my sifoo for cooking, he always taught me to add on this ingredients in my cooking,
he said ginger will help to reduce the meat smell
and the spice to add on flavor.....

the ingredients are --> about 1 inch of ginger and few cloves, cardamom, star anise dad call them "tiga serangkai" [3 musketeers]
(halia lebih kurang 1 inci, beberapa bunga cengkih, buah pelaga, bunga lawang)

 +  .. )

1/2 paket perencah daging black paper maggi
 [ 1/2 pack Maggi seasoning meat black paper ]
i used full 1 pack for better taste and of course because i use more meat, which is 400gram
and my latest version.... 
i add on 1 table spoon of black pepper sauce, 1 table spoon barbeque sauce and 1 table spoon tomato sauce ... it taste great

sedikit air - [ water ]
garam n gula [salt and sugar]--i add on a bit salt but not sugar
minyak - [oil ]

Preparing the filling
Saute garlic, onion, ginger, star anise, cardamom and cloves until fragrant
then add minced meat, stirring so that it is not lumpy.
when the meat already cooked
add black pepper seasoning
add enough water
salt to taste
stir-fry until cooked
put aside let it cool

ingredients for Roti Daging
12kpg roti [12 pcs bread] -- i used Massimo brand,  I personally find out it much thicker than Gardenia,
3biji telur [3 eggs] -- i doubt i normally use more, 4 to 5
200ml susu fresh -- i normally use less then this, maybe that is the reason i use more eggs
8 slices cheese -- i normally use more , maybe because i love cheese .. my advice buy the combo pack or at least 12 slices/pack.. if extra you still can eat later
cheddar diparut [shredded cheddar cheese] -- i normally get a pack of mozzarella cheese
* sayur2 ikut suka [vege as prefer] -- hurm i tried once with mix vege..but it doesn't taste nice. Maybe you can try others and let me know :)

Now we moved on to the final step.

  • Apply butter on whole surface of your heat resistant container - i use my mum pyrex
  • Whisk the eggs and milk until smooth
  • 1st layer - Dipped bread into the mixture, and arranged on the container
  • 2nd layer - pour half of your filling on the top of bread, spread equally
  • 3rd layer - place your slice cheese on top of the filling
  • 4th layer - repeat 1st step --Dipped bread into the mixture, and arranged on the container
  • 5th layer - repeat 2nd step --pour the remaining of your filling on the top of bread, spread equally
  • ** my experience if use 1 or 1 1/2 pack it will not enough
  • 6th layer repat the 3rd step place your slice cheese on top of the filling
  • 7th layer - repeat 1st step Dipped bread into the mixture, and arranged on the container
so it will be bread - filling - cheese - bread - filling - cheese -- bread

for finishing ...
pour your remaining mixture on the top of the bread
and spread your mozzarella cheese

baked in preheated oven at 180c about 35-40 mins

ok enjoy cooking :) 
click here for original recipe
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