My Trover Account

19 February 2014

Dear reader

dear readers ,
today i would like to share about "TROVER"
have you heard about it?
TROVER is an application where you can share photo of your vacation, holiday, location or any local gems.
it kind a travel photo blog , it was great and i'm so glad that i found it
you should try it will not regret
Trover apps, not only from your PC but also from your smartphone
i have it in my iPhone .... don't worry it also available for android user

Not only you can share yours, but you can browse others...
If you love to travel but cant afford it or still wondering where to go ...lets have fun with #trover

Hi Trover...
i'm not a photographer but i love to travel and take photo.
all photo upload in this account is truly mine
i use simple camera, and some from my handphone
all photo setting auto and no editing
my apology for low quality picture
the important is i wanna share with you the great moments

"kaki melangkah, mata melihat, hati berkata
Ya ALLAH.. syukur atas rezeki MU 
yg memberi aku peluang
menghayati&menikmati ciptaan MU"


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