little bit a bout me

hi i am Lynn Yamin
a daughter and a lady
born in Kota Kinabalu, grown up in Negeri Sembilan
considered as mix blood kids, between Malaysia and Philippines
but no worries my blood is red 
my ancestor mix from Sulewasi, Tanah Melayu, Spain and Philippines,
 at least that what i been told since i was a kid
i am so grateful to have relatives all over the world
and yet still wondering where is my other half

i love my work so much, even i never dream to be a vet 
i love dolphin since i was a little girl, 
coz they are so cute and brilliant, amazing animal
yet i have cat as my pet, her name is Felix

my work in science field, but my passion is art....
"love is art, art is thinking"
it been a while i didn't do art , due to hectic schedule
inshallah i will find time for it

i love travel....
for me world is the biggest classroom 
when i travel....the most fascinate me
is the building, the architecture

hurm ....
i think you already know me...
i better stop before you know me better than myself
enjoy reading my blog,
it still empty...nothing much 
will try add more and more entry 
anyway thanks for visiting and drop by
hug and kiss


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