finally i did it apam polka dot

Hi guys
Never give up !!! we should try till we succeed right?
So I went to baking shop and bought OVALLETE … so that nothing goes wrong
I also bought some piping bag … to sound more proper and pro haha.
Ok so we follow the same step as mention in the previous entry. (Click here if you miss that one)
So where we will using this ovallete?
On the first step – whisk eggs + sugar + OVALLETE together
Divide dough into several parts drops your dye
this time I am using piping bag! Cool now I can do more pattern!  Watch out
so place them into the paper cup than ready to steam
Steamer when the water already boiling, simplifyingfire & steam for 15 minutes

effect of OVALLETE....
shiny and tempting
end result ....

with piping bag , i can do more pattern :) out 


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