i am back to my hobby

I am daughter of Yamin and Julie, and also an accredited veterinarian and licensed.
When I was a kid, I love art especially craft. Since primary school, my art work always taken by teacher for display or sample.
I still remember my art teacher, Puan Jamiah ask me to do some of craft work to be display at Pusat Sumber Sekolah.
Mum and Dad always help me and teach me how to do art work; they are more creative than me.
When I was in secondary school, i start my invention to make a bag.... hahaha can't forget, one of my bags even has a clock on it. When i first start sew my bag with polkadot and small square pattern fabric, some of the students said my bag looks like their table cloths at home. But i don't care!! Surprise after couple years one of the manufacture (I think it was bodypac) start to market bags with the same pattern.

When I did my undergraduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, most of my friends shocked? Because, they don't expect I’m in the medical field.
Most of them think I’m doing landscape or architecture! Why? Technical drawing is one of my favourite. Bottom of the line..... I love anything to do with art especially craft.

When I start doing my course, I start falling in love with it, without my notice, I slowly leaving the art and craft. Since then I start work hard to be a practitioner to serve for companion animal. But being a private practice in Malaysia is not as easy as I think and imagine of.

After 7 years in practice, I am so happy and thankful for what i have, i swallow the "bitter and sour", I take it as challenge to be a better person. But recently something happen, after all the hard work I did to save the patient, the cat died. i knew it a big lost to the family, but they have no right to curse and insult me. I am a human not God.
i have no idea why i stuck emotionally with what happen, in fact this is not a first time!
pantun melayu 2kerat;  " Bila hidup/selamat/sihat kita dipuji, bila mati kita dimaki"
That pantun serve me right, in fact maybe most of the vets in Malaysia. And the sad part they are MUSLIM who should believe in ALLAH, believe "sesungguhnya ajal dan maut ditangan Allah, serta percaya qada' & qadar". I understand their sadness, but what is their right to treat me like that.

Because of that, I feel so down! I feel like I want to give up being a practitioner. Couple of days i don't receive major cases, I only do "GP" case. Without i realize, with help of my staff, I was introduce again with my old life which is ART. Thanks God, Allah knows what good for you, and He always have reason for everything happen. So now here I am to start again what I had stopped. Now even tired but I am 100% satisfied!


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