first attempt apam

this is my first entry about food 
i wanna talk about APAM ....
Actually you can call me as APAM addicted
i'm not sure what they called it in english but malaysian call it APAM
it a food, if in europe people have tea break with a lovely cup cake, in Malaysia we eat APAM.

I love APAM since i was small, maybe that the reason I am like APAM too "chubby"
if you wanna know what is APAM you can Google it

Recently, almost every morning i will buy APAM for breakfast.
it been ages I want to try to make them, but mum reluctant to teach me, she said difficult , easy to buy
sob sob sob....
One day i went for shopping, i saw a box of flour with a label "instant APAM flour"
i talk to myself! cooooll finally i can make them by myself

after a month then i have time to make APAM.... hahaha a month? yeah you right... busy woman ? no it is actually lazy woman

ok back to the story
so i read the instruction, hurm not so bad, only 3 lines of instruction it must be easy right?

so here we are ready to steam
owh yes apa we don’t baked but we steam them

after 15 -20 mins 
tadaaaaaa APAM is ready
grrrr not bad but not perfect just can eat :P

hurm am not satisfied 
nevermind it always a first time 
ok it is time to find the real recipe

check my next entry 
either i succeed or not 

huhu what i waiting for???
lets Google

this was on the 27th January 2013


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