Sunday, February 10, 2013

apam polka dot second trial

Posted by Lynn Yamin at 4:06 AM
Hi guys 
This will be my second trial of cooking APAM

While am browsing I find out people are crazy doing
APAM polka dot
So let’s do it

To be honest this is not my recipe…. I copy them from bunch of blog out there some of them using cup measurement and some use gram – so I combine it for u

In this project is use cup because I don’t have weighing machine lol

So this is what I need…
3 eggs Grade A (from the fridge)  -- I think I use normal or Grade B
2 cups flour (280 grams)
2 tea spoon baking powder
* flour and baking powder sifted together
1 and half cup refined sugar (220g)
1 cup fresh milk (250ml)
I tea spoon essence vanilla
Most of the recipe will mention ovalette I don’t have any – never hear about it so just drop the substance and see what will happen

Dye – in this project I use 4 colours blue, green, pink and yellow

Use maximum speed – that what all of them said…whisk the eggs and sugar until fluffy
Mixture will be thick, creamy white & fluffy, according to one of the blog about 5-6minutes (good time frame for armature like me)
Then lower down the speed, start adding  flour + baking powder,  alternately with milk
Time frame for this process is about 10-12minutes
Meantime, boil water steamer.
You can place “daun pandan” in steamer, for better  smell --- i don't maybe next time 


Divide dough into several part, drops your dye 

in this project I use 4 colours blue, green, pink and yellow

most of them use piping bag! I don’t have any so I just use spoon
so place them into the paper cup than ready to steam

Steamer when the water already boiling, simplifying fire & steam for 15 minutes
dont use big fire --
APAM will crack , it will look like volcano erupted
use cotton fabric or kitchen towel to cover your steamer cover, so that the water will not drop into your


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